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Here at Tendril Apothecary and Healing Center, we work to provide health care with meaning and direction. Our expert practitioners provide the highest quality care, and state of the art facilities offer access to cutting edge equipment that can rapidly increase healing, longevity and quality of life. With a full herbal apothecary and clinical herbalists to guide you, those seeking more natural and traditional remedies will find everything they need. Furthermore our education programs, health coaches and personal chef services will dissolve the barriers between you and the life you want. Whether you are looking to relax in our float tank or get serious about becoming the healthiest, happiest version of you, we have it covered.


Concentrated oxygen delivered in a pressurized chamber enhances the oxygen level in the blood and
tissue. Health benefits from increased oxygen levels have been associated with stimulating the body’s
healing processes, increasing immune function, improving respiratory conditions and rejuvenating skin

Cooled micronized medical grade salt is aerosolized and fan-forced into the room recreating the effects
of the Salt Caves of Northern Europe. It is a 100% natural, safe and drug-free treatment that has been
shown to improve respiratory and cardiovascular function as well as helping with many skin conditions.

Originally known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks, floating in a super-saturated solution of Epsom Salts has been shown to have many other health benefits. Weightless (near zero gravity) floating takes pressure off the spine and joints and provides much-needed pain relief allowing deep relaxation. Complete darkness and silence,  guided meditation programs, music and lights—however you prefer to float, you’ll come out feeling rejuvenated.

The Cryo-Sauna exposes the whole body (except the head) to swirling liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -160 deg F to -200 deg F for short periods of time (usually around three minutes).  This stimulates several mechanisms in the body that have significant musculoskeletal, immune, endocrine and cosmetic effects. 

The hand-held Cryo unit allows pinpoint therapy to individual painful areas such as wrists, elbows, knees, etc., as well as many cosmetic applications such as facial rejuvenation, fat freezing, cellulite and stretch mark treatments.

This therapeutic device is used in upper level sports medicine facilities and has been shown to reduce recovery times and rapidly increase healing function for numerous acute and chronic musculoskeletal ailments.

This machine sends pulsed magnetic waves through the body decreasing inflammation and alleviating pain. It is best know for its effects on lower back and SI pain as well as shoulder and neck issues.

Classes are now being offered in the Apothecary and online. We are so grateful to have some of the best practitioners in their fields teaching classes for Tendril. Stay tuned to find out what we are offering every month. 

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We offer advice and experience in many traditional and modern practices— functional herbalism, nutrition, women’s health, Maya abdominal massage, adrenal support, thyroid support, weight loss, massage, and health coaching. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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