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Cost: $185.   Session Time: 90 minutes.   Buffer time: 30 minutes.

We meet together and the sessions starts with warm stones or vaginal steam option . Then we discuss if you have any female complaints, cramps, PMS, etc. We then proceed with a traditional external Mayan Abdominal Massage. In the session I will be doing a plant brushing and burning copal. Afterward we’ll discuss recommendations for a tincture, tea and or flower essence.

Practitioner: Laura 

Cost:$108.  Session Time: 60 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes 

Schedule your own zoom meeting with Laura to ask your questions about herbs and nutrition, recipes and spiritual healing.   

Practitioner: Laura 

Cost:$55.  Session Time: 30 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes    

Practitioner: Laura 

Cost:$0.  Session Time: 15 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes    

Speak with one of our health care professionals to learn more about an herbal consultation, our bio hacking equipment, or health coaching. 

Practitioner: Laura,Henry, Hank  

Cost:$30.  Session Time: 15 minutes.  Buffer time: 10 minutes    

Evaluation on the injury/condition and which treatment modality to use along with spinal manipulation therapy if needed. 

Practitioner: Hank  

Cost:$55.  Session Time: 60 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes    

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the method of delivering concentrated oxygen (99.8%) to an individual in a pressurized environment. At a pressure of 1.3 atm forces concentrated oxygen 400% deeper into tissues than at normal atmospheric pressure. This helps to: 

  • Promote healing and rejuvenation of tissues 
  • Increase and optimize immune function 
  • Increase stem cell production 
  • Promotes central nervous system function 
  • Combats depression 
  • Anti-microbial effect 
  • Helps body to deal with viral and bacterial exposures 
  • Increases specific antioxidant enzymes 
  • Increase serotonin 
  • Promotes systemic detoxification functions 
  •  – And much more 


Practitioner: Equipment 

Cost:$55.  Session Time: 15 minutes.  Buffer time: 20 minutes    

The CRYO Penguin is state-of-the-art technology which treats tissue damage in the body. Inducing cell rejuvenation, the CRYO Penguin uses sub-zero nitrogen-cooled air to stimulate physical and mental health benefits. Localized treatment plays an important role in acute or chronic pain, pain due to injury or surgery by reducing pain and swelling to promote healing. 

An alternative method for pain management, small targeted areas include the head, neck, bicep/tricep, elbow, wrist, shoulder, hand, knee, calf, ankle and foot.  

The CRYO Penguin provides beauty and local injury benefits using smart lasers to measure skin temperatures in real-time, providing a safe and enjoyable cryotherapy treatment. The CRYO Penguin focuses the power of cryo-therapy to where it is needed most. Whether you are experiencing chronic or acute pain and inflammation, suffering from arthritis pain, an injury or just everyday aches and pains, the CRYO Penguin is the answer! 


Practitioner: Hank

Cost:$45.  Session Time: 30 minutes.  Buffer time: 10 minutes    

MagnaWave is pulse electromagnetic field therapy. A strong pulsed magnetic field is sent through tissue, restoring cellular polar alignment. This opens drainage channels resulting in increased cellular function including: elimination of toxins, inflammation, and byproducts of normal cellular respiration; increased gas exchange efficiency; increased nutrient delivery; and increased ATP (energy) production. Sessions can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and accelerate healing and recovery, and much more. First session is coupled with a brief physical exam ($15).  


Practitioner: Hank

Cost:$30.  Session Time: 30 minutes.  Buffer time: 0 minutes    

Laying on an amethyst crystal bed with infrared heating pulsing negative ions into the body. It can help with inflammation, arthritis, sore muscle pain and more.

Practitioner: Laura Clemmons

Cost:$275.  Session Time: 120 minutes.  Buffer time: 30 minutes 

The preliminary functional medicine intake exam includes an exhaustive review of the client’s health history as well as a 2 hour in-person interview then afterwards Laura will research the situation and design a comprehensive plan which will be delivered within 7 days of the appointment.

Practitioner: Laura 

Cost: $50.  Session Time: 30 minutes.  Buffer time: 30 minutes

These sessions are generally 30 minutes long and are maintenance sessions to help clients fine tune the protocol and make small adjustments according to the protocol.

Practitioner: Laura

Cost:$225.  Session Time: 90 minutes.  Buffer time: 30 minutes. 

Working with plant/spirit medicine and our spirit guides. 

Practitioner: Laura 

Cost:$250.  Session Time: 120 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes. 

We will discuss your health story in-depth and go over all of your health concerns. We will talk about any tests your primary doctor has given you and if you have a diagnosis. Please have any and all bloodwork available for this session.

Practitioner: Laura 

Cost:$0.  Session Time: 30 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes. 

30 Minute free health coaching consultation.

Practitioner: Henry

Cost:$375.  Session Time: 60 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes. 

30 Minute free health coaching consultation.

Practitioner: Henry

Cost:$70.  Session Time: 80 minutes.  Buffer time: 30 minutes. 

Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to completely let go, relax, and reset. Using 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts, the buoyancy of the water makes floating on water feel like floating on air. When the body reaches a certain amount of relaxation, it is able to cause positive physical results like reduced muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, fewer stress hormones, and increased endorphins. 

Practitioner: Equipment 

Cost:$55.  Session Time: 15 minutes.  Buffer time: 20 minutes. 

The CRYO Penguin provides the ultimate facial for reducing the signs of aging, acne and inflammation. This facial is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment that uses vaporized liquid nitrogen. Localized treatment to the face and neck penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to increase circulation, refine texture and reduce inflammation. 

In as little as 15 minutes, you will notice a decrease in inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles and acne. The CRYO Penguin Facial evens skin tone, improves texture and leaves you with glowing skin. 

Practitioner: Hank

Cost:$45.  Session Time: 60 minutes.  Buffer time: 20 minutes. 

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, involves breathing in air with tiny salt particles to improve your respiratory function. 

Practitioner: Equipment  

Cost:$65.  Session Time: 15 minutes.  Buffer time: 15 minutes.

Whole body cryotherapy is relatively new to public use, and is quickly finding its place in the homes and locker rooms of professional athletes and wealthy biohackers. Because of it’s relatively new status, whole body cryotherapy has yet to be studied exhaustively, but preliminary research along with volumes of customer feedback indicate that this therapeutic method is a home run.

3 minutes at -165 F and below appears to:

– Flush inflammation from tissues; increase anti-inflammatory proteins; reduce chronic and acute pain; increase joint mobility and function; reduce need for pain medications; greatly benefit rheumatic conditions of all stages; reduce fatigue and oxidative stress related to MS; improve quality of life for MS and fibromyalgia patients; increase antioxidative factors in the blood stream; effective complimentary treatment for depression and anxiety; exercise recovery; improve exercise performance (great for athletes); increases immune function; reduces symptoms of restless leg syndrome; and much more. 

*Bring a robe, a pair of gloves and a lot of excitement!

Practitioner: Equipment  

Cost:$108.  Session Time: 60 minutes.  Buffer time: 30 minutes.

This session is normally the second session in the series and lasts 1 hour whereby the protocol will be reviewed, challenges will be addressed, and adjustments to the protocol will be made accordingly and if necessary.

Practitioner: Laura


Laura Clemmons

Practioner/ Co-owner

Laura Clemmons, co-owner of Tendril is a certified herbalist and graduate of the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies.

She also studied Functional Medicine with Dr. Aviva Romm M.D. in her Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program, Traditional Chinese Medicine under Dr. Gu Ding at the Shen Nong Center in Philadelphia, PA and Mayan Traditional Healing Practices and Uterine Care with Ms. Beatrice Waight in Belize, and Ann Drucker in Boulder, CO. She has held apprenticeships with many teachers ranging from indegenous Linda White Dove in herbal medicine, Claudia Rosewolf in traditional North American indigenous healing practices, Pei Fen Yan in Chinese Medicine, and Shamanic Journeying with Chris Davidson at Ancient Ways Shamanic Training. Laura comes from a strong lineage of Italian healers, known as the Strega. Reclaiming that name, Laura named her clinical practice Strega Gardens to honor the women in her family who held the role of the herbalist and healer. She is also the owner of Tendril Apothecary and Healing Center in Sandpoint, ID, an integrative health care clinic where she is blending the best of ancient wisdom and modern technology along with creating a culture for practitioners of support and community. At Tendril they have a full apothecary, rooms for clinicians to see clients, as well as halo therapy, hyperbaric therapy, cryotherapy and a float tank which practitioners are able to integrate into their client’s recommended protocols. Laura has practiced herbalism for 20 years and prefers to grow or wildcraft most of the herbs used in her practice, as well as make her own tinctures, tea blends, glycerites, oils, and any other concoctions needed. Laura focuses on functional medicine, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, fertility, pre/post-natal health, and childhood wellness. Her work attends to physical, psychological and spiritual issues, recognizing that these systems are intertwined and inseparable. Laura is also active within her local and broader communities. She runs the Sandpoint Women’s Red Tent, acts as a mentor for both mothers and pre-menarche girls in mother-daughter groups, works with Herbalists Without Borders, supports Ann Drucker’s work in bringing herbal medicine to underserved communities along the US-Mexico border, supports Miss Beatrice’s family in Belize as well as regularly donates to and supports other non-profit organizations.

Henry Clemmons

Health Coach / Co-owner
Henry has been a lifelong student of health and medicine, and has studied a number of healing modalities including …
including everything from shamanism to conventional human medicine. When presenting live at workshops and talks, he often recalls a pivotal moment that began a huge transformation in his approach to working with patients. Henry is a certified Health Coach and Habit Change Specialist from the Health Coach Institute. Aside from a resume including degrees, apprenticeships, incredible teachers, unbelievable mentors and crazy experiences that dance along the border of plausibility, he finds his passion in helping people to transform their lives, reawakening to possibilities and purpose, and returning to a state of vitality. With his unique blend of experience in the realm of health, psychology, spirituality, communication and wildness he is able to bring to the table what others cannot; the ability to get you the life you want through mindset mastery. Henry is also a serial entrepreneur, and has started several successful businesses over the years. With Tendril, he sees an opportunity to change the entire paradigm of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States. Using the principles of Newtonian physics and permaculture design he is creating a revolutionary business model where his primary clients are other health care practitioners. His plan is to remove all of the obstacles a practitioner experiences in their professional life around business, finance, advertising, networking and the like while supporting all of the things that nurture them as individuals and practitioners such as community support, business and mindset coaching, and abundant continuing education opportunities while pairing all of that with facilities that are visually and energetically enriching and also providing access to all of the benefits that modern technology has to offer. This first facility is the seed of a very large tree. Henry is already planning and designing the second facility, where there will be enough space to accommodate several more practitioners along with an ever expanding repertoire of state of the art gadgetry and highly trained technicians to facilitate providing all of our clients the best experience.

Meryl Kastin

Clinical Herbalist,

Clinical Herbalist, of Alive & Wild Herbals, Meryl has been working & playing with plants for over 40 years. She had the honor of graduating from Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.

This gave her clinical herbal training, abundant botanical knowledge, and lots of experience in making herbal preparations.
Meryl has had the great pleasure of being a wildcrafter and an herb grower for many years. She has supplied freshly gathered herbs to some of the larger companies, such as Herbs, etc. and Pacific Botanicals, as well as private clinicians. Meryl co-owned a small farm for 15 years where they grew medicinal herbs, fruit, berries, and vegetables.

Meryl also loves to make herbal products including tea blends, lotions, salves, lip balms, tinctures, and much more. She always uses the finest quality herbs available for all of her preparations.

Meryl offers herbal classes in the usage and preparation of medicinal plants, herb identification walks, and apprenticeships. She offers private consultations for those looking for an herbal approach to support their health concerns. Meryl is also certified in Vita-Flex Reflexology and offers treatments through A Touch of Tranquility.
You’ll find Meryl in our front room working with Herbs and happy to help answer questions.

Hank Clemmons

Instead of retiring, Hank Clemmons, DVM has switched from practicing sports medicine and biomechanic analysis on high-end performance horses to focusing on injuries and pain management in people.
With continuing education in Human Spinal Manipulation, certification in PEMF (Magnawave) therapy in humans and education in Human Cryotherapy, Dr. Clemmons is adding to his 35 years of experience working on professional equine athletes. Experienced in the use of therapeutic equipment and treatment modalities used on world-class performance horses, he brings a collection of equipment rarely found together in one facility: Hyperbaric oxygen chamber (soft), CryoSauna, focused Cryo Wand, super-saturated salt Flotation Chamber, Halo therapy, Pulsed Magnetic Wave therapy, Extracorporeal Shock Wave and more. Acute and chronic injuries as well as pain management are areas of interest to him and he will be seeing clients on an appointment basis.