What is a Vaginal Steam and Why Should I Do One?

Vaginal steams are used in in traditional medical systems worldwide to maintain the general health of the female reproductive system that I have been using in clinical and personal applications for over 10 years. They are used to treat vaginitis, urinary tract infections, to stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area, painful periods, to soften tissues, adhesions, fibroids, and to prepare the area for treatment. 
       We always use plants, not essential oils, for vaginal steams because the plants already contain the perfect amount of volatile oils. Plants such as basil, whose volatile oils have antibacterial constituents, are frequently used. Hot water releases these oils, and when mingled with steam the oils are able to penetrate deeper into the pelvic tissues as opposed to topical applications like douches or sitz baths, which only reach the vagina and cervix. This method even allows one to treat issues with deeper pelvic organs such as the Fallopian tubes and ovaries. In the same way that steaming your face pulls impurities to the surface, steaming the pelvic floor can draw out old blood near the beginning and ending of your period. Also a warm steam can be very soothing during an active urinary tract infection helping to soothe the tissue. I encourage clients to use this opportunity to urinate directly into the pot while steaming for this issue because they can do so without pain. I use rose as an astringent and tonic along with a sitz bath in the case of UTIs. I like to steam monthly right before my moon because it helps to bring on the bleeding and ease cramping.
       This is a traditional Mayan Healing technique and was taught to me by Miss Beatrice Waight, who was my teacher for several years, as well as Rosita Arvigo and Pei Fen Yan L.Ac., my Chinese women’s medicine doctor.  
       Giving yourself a steam is easy. Clean your toilet, boil a medium sized pot of water and add some dried organic basil leaves, organic rose petals and organic calendula or marigold flowers. Place the pot into the toilet bowl and set the seat down. Wrap your thighs with a sheet or sarong. To do this, place the sheet behind your bottom, bring the sheet in both hands and wrap each leg then lift the sheet to expose your vagina. Sit down and put a blanket over your lap, wrap it around to hold in the steam. Stay on the toilet until the steam goes back down into the pot. 
       Note: you must be careful using this particular method, it is very easy to burn yourself. To avoid burning yourself make sure the water in the pot is at least 4 inches from the top and always wrap your legs. If it feels too hot stand up and release some steam.
       We make Yoni Steam boxes so you don’t have to use the toilet. I think it’s way more comfortable and it can be placed anywhere, including outside under the full moon.  This box features a cedar frame and Colorado pine beetle blue wood, It can fit in the bottom of your closet upside down and can store extra towels etc. I keep mine in my closet.
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