Strega’s Clean Kitchen-Smudge Formula

Strega’s Clean Kitchen is the name of the “smudge” or blend of herbs I burn specifically in my kitchen. I spend a lot of time cooking, medicine-making. and drinking tea in this part of my home. I can say for for my own family and friends that come to visit, it’s the place we spend most of our time.  I created a special blend based on some traditional herbs used by my ancestors for keeping the energy clear. I want the doors for nurturing and nourishment to be open. I want to infuse my food and medicines with love. I do that through speaking my prayers or intentions into my food and the smudge can help maintain the integrity that I desire. It’s a formula that holds a sense of protection and clearing while bringing in the blessings of my lineage. I invoke this energy with my thoughts and words. The herbs I use are Rosemary, Ponderosa Pine resin, Calamus Root, and Rose. I powder these plants together in a mortar and pestle while I sing a loving song, singing keeps my mind from wandering. Once I am done, I keep it in a dish next to my stove so it’s always in view.  I make it in small batches so it remains fresh. Feel free to try my formula and add your own personal touch to this special blend. If you find it difficult to make on your own I am offering a Strega’s Clean Kitchen Smudge Kit that includes 2oz of the Smudge blend, bamboo charcoal burners, and a booklet with songs and prayers to use while smudging. If you would like just a little amount of the smudge blend that is available too. Visit my website stregagardens,com for more details. 

I am located in Sandpoint, ID. Most of the plants have been harvested in the mountains of Idaho, Oregon and Colorado, grown in my garden, or sourced with a reputable organic company.