Abdominal Massage and Yoni Steam

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Vaginal steams are used in traditional medical systems worldwide to maintain the general health of the female reproductive system that I have been using in clinical and personal applications for over 10 years. They are used to treat vaginitis, urinary tract infections, to stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area, painful periods, to soften tissues, adhesions, fibroids, and to prepare the area for treatment.


Uterine Bodywork facilitates the healing of numerous emotional, menstrual, spiritual, and physical conditions.

The solar plexus is known in the Wise Woman, Chinese and other indigenous traditions to be our
 “power center”,​ the center of our personal power source. Incidents such as rape, incest, abuse, abortion, infertility, and traumatic childbirth can restrict the flow of necessary energy movement in the area and as a result we lose our sense of power.  One very common side effect is poor digestion, this is an indication that our power source is lacking energy. Mayan uterine massage is a simple and effective therapy that shifts stagnation into positive flow once again.